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Player pulling club out of bag in pro shop Tappan Golf Center is an excellent resource for golfers wishing to improve their game and lower their scores. As one of the largest public family golf centers in the country, we can provide a variety of amenities, including a NOVOGOLF pro shop. Golfers in Tappan, New York, who are extremely passionate about the sport, will benefit from our personalized approach to custom fitting and club building. Discover more about our pro shop for golfers, including features and services.

About Our Golf Pro Shop

The pro shop located at Tappan Golf Center is intended to help golfers continually develop and refine their skills through a wide range of professional offerings. The services offered by the pro shop include:

Custom Club Fittings

Every player’s swing is unique to them. Therefore, the equipment they use should be, too. Custom clubs aren’t just for professional golfers. Properly fitted clubs help golfers of all skill levels maximize their swings and make more solid contact on the club face.

During custom club fittings, players will be instructed on which setup is recommended for their style of swing. Highly trained fitters have extensive knowledge of the latest golf equipment. Our team also has a strong understanding of the proper assembly practices for a variety of clubs. Golfers will receive a fitting that’s complete and tailored to them.

Build Lab

To play at your best, you need equipment that you can rely on. The pro shop is capable of performing modifications and adjustments in-house. We can ensure your clubs meet your preferred capabilities using the latest custom club-building technologies and equipment. Whether you need the grips replaced on your clubs or a complete, overall custom job, the pro shop at Tappan Golf Center can accommodate you.

Custom Clubs

Our custom club services go beyond upgrading club shafts and grips. They also ensure that equipment is 100% unique to the player. We offer a wide variety of customized options, such as:

  • Club head refinishing
  • Engraving
  • Hand-crafted wedge grinds
  • Painting
  • Plating
  • Weight porting

Our golf pro shop allows players to make their clubs as personalized as they desire.

Reshafting and Regripping

We are happy to provide services to enhance or modify golf clubs for players. Reshafting involves changing the shafts of a golf club to better suit a player’s swing or preferences. Adjusting loft and lie of a club head involves bending the clubhead or shaft to achieve the desired specifications which also improves the contact to the ball.

Regripping, on the other hand, involves replacing the grip on a golf club. Over time, grips can wear out, lose their tackiness, or become uncomfortable. Golfers may also opt for regripping to customize the feel and size of the grip to better match their hands and playing style. Our staff will remove the old grip, clean the shaft, and then install a new grip based on the golfer’s specifications.

The Technology We Use

Our pro shop utilizes some of the most trusted technology in the industry. This provides players with the most accurate services and an all-around better experience. Some of the technologies we use at Tappan Golf Center include:

Trackman Technology

Our pro shop relies on Trackman technology to ensure the most accurate swing information during custom fittings and other assessments. This revolutionary tool is the official choice of the PGA Tour for swing and ball flight analysis.

Trackman technology accurately measures swing metrics, as well as the entire flight of the ball from impact to landing. Trackman technology also displays a 3D trajectory of ball flight in real time, providing players with a clear representation of their swings. Players can also use our golf simulator to measure any type of shot with astonishing accuracy, ranging from short pitches to long drives off the tee.

SAM Putt Lab

One of the most effective ways for golfers to achieve lower scores is by improving their putting. To help players better understand their putting stroke, the pro shop utilizes the SAM Putt Lab analysis and training system. This tool analyzes the 28 most important parameters of your putting. This information provides players with a better understanding of their putting tendencies and helps our fitters identify the best strategy to develop improvements.

Improve Your Game at Tappan Golf Center

Golfers, who need professional club fitting services or trusted equipment modifications, should turn to the experienced team at Tappan Golf Center. Located in Tappan, NY, our golf pro shop offers players a wide range of professional services to help them develop their game and improve their scores. Once your clubs are ready, test them out on our weather-protected driving range – open all year for your convenience. Additionally, Tappan Golf Center is home to several teaching professionals for players seeking one-on-one coaching.

For more information about our pro shop for golfers, along with Tappan Golf Center’s other amenities, contact us today.