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Six batting cages viewed from behind without batters
Side view of several batters hitting balls in cages
Fenced entryway to batting cages with rules posted on signs

Batting Cages in Tappan, NY

Baseball and softball enthusiasts need no introduction to batting cages. For players of all ages and abilities, practice with batting improves field performance during games. When players can direct the ball more skillfully it can aid game strategy, boost team morale, and lead to more winning! And batting cages are also a fun, active way to spend time with friends and family members. In Tappan, New York, batting cages are available at Closter Golf Center’s Tappan Golf Center.

Batting Cage Features

The following batting cage features are available at Tappan Golf Center:

Six Batting Stations

We offer six full-length batting stations with both fast- and slow-pitch options at each station. So, those who prefer softball can work at a slow pitch speed, and baseball types can work with a fast pitch setting. Batting cages allow players to work on their hitting skills. They help with strengthening the body and perfecting techniques.

Pitching Machines

The pitching machines can be set for a certain pitch, or the pitches can be varied. In this way, the batting cage can simulate one aspect of ball games, unexpected types of pitches. Targets are also available to encourage skills for aiming the hit ball.

Safe Environment

The batting cages at Tappan Golf Center are designed to be very safe. The fencing is strong and secure, the rules are visible and enforced, and the six full-length stations are set up so that others can view the batting without physical danger to themselves. Helmets and other protective gear are required for the batters.

Indoor Setting

With modern batting cages set up inside, and available year-round, we offer a chance to work on hitting in any kind of weather. If rain, snow, or wind are keeping you inside, it’s a great time to take up batting practice. If warm weather is deemed too hot, or if humidity and air quality are a problem for the player, our batting cages are available for athletic improvement, practice for a game, and a needed workout.

Family-Friendly Environment

We welcome the whole family to the batting cage area. Watch each other bat, take turns, have a contest, and start to learn the game. We encourage all ages to visit and use our batting cages.

Please note that guests must bring their own helmets and bats.

Benefits of Working in a Batting Cage

During live play, there is a lot of chasing the ball! This is also an important part of the game, but it also takes time away from actual batting practice. More importantly, players aren’t as able to explore how they bat and what they need to do to improve. By successively hitting balls at a steady pace, batting cages allow players to continuously make micro changes, and to mentally keep up with this one action.

It’s also a great opportunity for focused coaching. Stance, swing, gaze, follow-through, all these can be examined closely by a coach in the batting cage. In this way, players can work on solid skills, build muscle memory, and improve their performance.

Batting Cage Pricing

For as little as $3.00, you can take 15 pitches with our family-friendly, indoor batting cages. See pricing below.


1 Token 15 Pitches $3.00
5 Tokens 75 Pitches $13.00
10 Tokens 150 Pitches $25.00
20 Tokens 300 Pitches $45.00

Batting cages are a wonderful addition to parties and events. Celebrate birthdays with miniature golf, go-karts, and our batting cages at Tappan Golf Center. Batting cages are open all year, every day from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., although hours may vary during the winter months.

Visit Our Public Family Center in Tappan, NY

Major league players are always working to improve their hitting in batting cages, so it stands to reason that all players who can take advantage of this form of ball game practice would benefit. And the sheer joy of swinging the bat and connecting with the ball makes for a great experience of baseball and softball for the whole family. For more information, contact us today.