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Benefits of Custom Clubs

Closeup of golf player choosing club and taking out of golf bag against green grassEveryone’s golf game is different, so why would you play a round with a generic set of golf clubs? You wouldn’t buy pants that don’t fit just right, and the same goes for your golf clubs. Tappan Golf Center in Tappan, New York, offers golfers the option to get a custom set of clubs to improve their game.

Why Do Golfers Need Custom Clubs?

If you’re looking to improve your game, a set of custom golf clubs could help keep that score below par. Why would a golfer need to have a custom set of clubs? Here are reasons why a set of custom golf clubs could benefit your game:

Inconsistent Shots

A custom-fitted golf club can help with the performance of your shots. Three major areas a custom set of golf clubs can solve are:

  • Inefficient strikes: If your shot is off-center, it could be an issue with the weight of the club or an incorrect shaft length.
  • Erratic impact: A custom fitting can help correct inconsistent patterns with the angle of the club and swing speed.
  • Misdirection: Custom clubs can help provide consistent swings by addressing club design.

Lack of Distance

Not hitting as far onto the green as you had hoped? A custom golf club fitting involves collecting data about how different people play golf, like swing speed, to help find the optimal club for each player.

Missing Putts

If you’re missing putts, it might not be your lack of skill. If you’re pulling to one side or another, it could be the squareness of the face of your putter, which a custom fit can solve.

The Novogolf fitting center at Tappan Golf Center allows golfers to get custom fitted for a set of golf clubs that can help get them back in the game. No matter if you’re a novice or a pro, a custom set of golf clubs can help improve your game.

What Happens During a Custom Golf Club Fitting?

During a custom golf club fitting, a trained fitting professional will match you with the correct club to help your game. A fitter will get you a club with the proper:

  • Clubhead
  • Loft
  • Shafter
  • Lie angle
  • Grip

To do this, the professional golf club fitter will look at how you swing with your current set of golf clubs. The professional will also look at your:

  • Club speed
  • Ball speed
  • Spin rate
  • Launch angle
  • Club path
  • Carry
  • Overall distance

Once the golf pro has assessed your swing, that’s when you’ll try out clubs from different manufacturers. The pro will have you hit a few balls, then adjust the club based on how the ball is hit. Since there are many kinds of equipment, the options are endless. You might end up with an entire set of clubs from different brands.

What Are the Advantages of Custom Golf Clubs?

Once you have a custom set of golf clubs, you’ll see the difference in your game. The benefits of a custom set of golf clubs include:

  • Better game place, regardless of skill level
  • Confidence in your swing and putt
  • Better control of distance
  • Ability to drive longer distances
  • Improved overall accuracy

The overall satisfaction golfers receive after getting fitted with a custom set of golf clubs is immeasurable. If you’re looking to improve your game, no matter your skill level, look into visiting a professional golf fitter.

Choose Tappan Golf Center for Your Custom Club Needs

If you’re looking for one of the largest public family golf centers in the country, Tappan Golf Center in Tappan, NY, should top your list. Our driving range is open all year long and allows golfers to work on their swings all year long.

After you’ve gotten fitted for custom clubs, get ready to tee off and take a swing in one of our 100 spacious hitting bays. Contact us today for more information about Tappan Golf Center and promotions.

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