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Courtesies to Observe on the Driving Range

Golfers at driving range practicing their swings Golf is a game of etiquette and sportsmanship. As soon as golfers step onto the tee box, workers and other golfers expect players to act a certain way. The same goes for the driving range. Just because the traditional rules of golf do not apply to individuals working on their swings at the range does not mean there are no rules.

Tappan Golf Center caters to golfers of all skill levels, offering stunning greens, private golf bays, and quality service. With a driving range near Tappan, New York, we have plenty of amenities designed to give golfers the best experience. Here, we detail the unwritten rules of the driving range and how golfers must conduct themselves.

Turn the Music Off

Many golfers enjoy listening to music while they play a round on the course. There are several speakers available that are specially designed for golf carts. While music can be enjoyable for everyone in your golf party while on the course, not everyone enjoys it at golf driving ranges. Space at the driving range can be limited. That means if you are playing music, everyone around you has to listen to it – whether they want to or not. If you insist on listening to music while you practice your swing, use headphones or earbuds.

Step Away to Take Phone Calls

Just like on the course, phone calls can be very distracting to other players. It can be very difficult for individuals to focus on their swings while others talk on the phone in the hitting bay next to them. If you must take a call, it is courteous to step away from the hitting area beforehand so no one can hear your conversation.

Keep Your Hitting Station Tidy

Driving ranges are set up so every player has their own space to practice their game. That is on purpose, as it keeps everyone safe. Players are expected to keep their hitting area tidy and clean. Under no circumstances should a player’s belongings ever invade someone else’s space. Keep all your equipment within the confines of your area.

Keep Advice to Yourself

The driving range is available for golfers of all skill levels. That means you likely may share the range with golfers just starting out. If you notice someone whose swing could use adjustments, it’s best to keep your critiques to yourself. Conversely, the driving range is not a place to gain free advice if you are a beginner golfer. Giving and requesting too much advice at the range has always been looked at as poor etiquette.

Mind Your Divot Patterns

Whether you are hitting golf balls off a mat or from grass, players should always be mindful of the golfer who practices after them. When shooting from the grass area, golfers should take caution to minimize the amount of grass they tear up with their divots. Golfers should make sure they line up their shots in a way that creates a clean divot pattern. The best way to do this is to progress in a linear divot pattern, placing each shot directly behind the previous divot. That helps contain turf damage to a small area instead of scattered throughout the green. Maintenance crews and other golfers will thank you.

Never Aim For Ball Retrievers

While selecting a target to hit can be great practice on the range, golfers should never choose to aim for the car that collects loose balls out on the range. Rifling shots at these targets is looked upon as bad manners, and we may ask you to leave the range. The purpose of a driving range is to practice and refine one’s swing, accuracy, and distance control. Targeting ball retrievers may foster bad habits, as it encourages golfers to aim for specific objects rather than focusing on the fundamentals of their swing and ball-striking technique.

Practice Your Game at Tappan Golf Center’s Driving Range

Golfers seeking a safe, respectful environment to work on their game will find it at the Tappan Golf Center driving range. Located in Tappan, New Jersey, the Tappan Golf Center driving range is open to golfers all year round and features many amenities, such as weather-protected hitting bays and range markers. The driving range also features a putting green and sand bunker to accommodate golfers wishing to work on all aspects of their game. For more information about Tappan Golf Center or how to conduct yourself at our golf driving range, contact us today.

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