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Determining Your Club Needs by Style of Play

Golfer picking golf club from caddy on golf courseWhether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting in the game, knowing your playing style is crucial to enhancing how you play. Every golfer is unique, and golf is a game that provides seemingly endless options when it comes to gameplay. That means you’ll want a set of golf clubs that reflect who you are as a player to tailor your game and experience. Here, Tappan Golf Center discusses the basics of golf clubs, how to determine the right club based on your style of play, and other tips for purchasing golf clubs.

Golf Club Basics

Beginners learning the art of golf should start with a beginner’s set of clubs. This allows them to get a feel for the sport and become comfortable on the course. Most beginners’ sets come with the following golf clubs:

  • Driver: This golf club is for teeing off and sometimes shooting balls from the fairway.
  • Hybrid club: This club allows you to shoot airborne shots up to 150 yards or more.
  • 2- to 9- iron: Irons work to hit golf balls toward the green from 120-190 yards away. Low-numbered irons are ideal for longer shots, while high-numbered irons are for short shots.
  • Putter: This club is mostly used to roll golf balls once on the green.

When selecting which golf club to use while playing, you should evaluate the ball’s distance from the green. Longer distances will require drivers, hybrid clubs, and high-numbered irons. You’ll want to choose a low-numbered iron or a putter for shorter distances.

Once you learn the basics of these golf clubs, you can begin to explore your golfing style. As you continue to grow in the sport, you’ll want more advanced clubs that cater to your golfing style and enhance gameplay.

Selecting a Golf Club Based on Style of Play

Golf can be customized to fit any style of play. Whether you enjoy shooting the ball long distances or playing a strategic game, golfers find that the sport offers unique flexibility in play. What’s more, the type of player you are often determines which golf clubs you should use.

For example, some players like golfing because they can blast balls across the course or driving range. These types of players may be more interested in achieving an epic, hole-in-one shot. To better suit your needs, you want golf clubs designed for aggressive and long-hitting, like drivers with lower lofts and larger club heads. You can also select a golf club based on your strengths. If you have a powerful swing, you can opt for lighter golf clubs to allow easy, smooth hitting.

Those who play the game more strategically will want to take a different approach. These types of players thoroughly evaluate their options to determine which club would best improve their game. This differs from the more hard-hitting players, who aim to hit the ball as far as possible. Strategic players are more comfortable taking their time if it means avoiding hazards. They will want golf clubs built for control and precision, like irons with a higher loft.

Other Tips for Purchasing Golf Clubs

Purchasing a set of golf clubs can be quite an investment. That means you want to choose the right clubs that truly enhance your playing style. The best way to ensure golf clubs are comfortable and up to standards is through a custom club fitting. For example, Tappan Golf Center offers custom club fitting through the Novogolf Fitting Center. Here, golf clubs are custom fitted to your exact body measurements and swing style.

Having custom golf clubs not only enhances your gameplay but also makes playing more comfortable. It allows you to discuss options and get advice from teaching professionals. You can gain unique insights into the game and receive recommendations for the best golf club types based on your playing style. This works to improve the overall golfing experience.

Choose the Right Golf Club With Help From Tappan Golf Center

Tappan Golf Center wants to help players of all ages and skill levels discover their playing styles. With private golf bays perfect for practice and other exciting amenities, players can find exactly what they need at our facility. Golfers across Tappan, New York, love our well-manicured course and family-friendly atmosphere. To learn more about our custom golf clubs for sale or other services, contact us today.

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