• 29/12/2023
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Seasonal Tips for Year-Round Driving Range Enjoyment

You may only associate golf with warm weather, and while there are certainly benefits to playing in the spring and summer, many golfers go to the driving range during the fall and winter. No matter what season you’re practicing your swing, it’s important to take precautions and ensure your health and safety.

Tappan Golf Center has one the largest public family golf centers in the United States and maintains a driving range open every day, all year long. Here, we provide some driving range tips for beginners and pros for optimal safety and performance in every season.

Spring Is Maintenance Time

Golfer playing on driving range during the fallThe cold is thawing out and spring is right around the corner. Your first thought might be about heading to the driving range. As driving ranges prepare for the summer, golfers may notice increased maintenance during the spring.

Brushing, grooming, aeration, and similar processes are all necessary to support optimal performance but can be distracting when golfing, especially if driving ranges are temporarily closed for maintenance. Golfers are encouraged to inquire about scheduled maintenance beforehand to ensure the most enjoyable experience at the driving range.

Watch Out for Extreme Weather in Summer

Golfing offers an opportunity to soak up the sun in the summer but be careful on particularly hot days. Some tips for playing golf in the heat include:

  • Use sunscreen: Apply sunscreen frequently and ensure you cover those areas often forgotten, like the back of the neck and the ears.
  • Wear the right clothing: Wear light colors and loose-fitting clothes, and seek attire made of moisture-wicking fabric. Shorts and skirts will be cooler than pants but remember to apply enough sunscreen to protect against the sun’s intense rays.
  • Stay hydrated: Drink ample water, both before you get to the driving range and while playing. One recommendation is to drink five to eight ounces of water or sports drinks every 15 minutes on the course.
  • Bring healthy snacks: Warmer weather can wear you out quicker. Make sure you pack some healthy snacks with the nutrients you need, such as protein.
  • Know your limitations: Not everyone handles the heat well. If you know you get overheated easily, consider waiting until a cooler day to golf.

Adjusting Your Game for Autumn Play

Golfing is a great way to get out and experience the color of fall. However, autumn brings with it a new challenge for golfers. Temperatures drop and the driving range gets less sunlight, which slows down grass growth.

Success with golfing during the fall requires tweaking your technique. Some strategies include:

  • Observe ground conditions to choose the ideal tee-off spot
  • Choose clubs with more loft for your short game
  • Avoid allowing the ball to roll through the fairway

The fall season also provides a great opportunity to head to the practice green. See how seasonal changes affect speed and other factors while also identifying improvements you can make to your current approach.

Maintain Performance in the Cold of Winter

Winters in NY can be intense. Between frigid temperatures and snow, golfers may be inclined to stay inside. Although it’s advised against golfing during a snowstorm, you can get out to the golf course in the winter. Driving range tips for the colder months include:

  • Wear the appropriate number of layers: A bulky winter jacket will get in the way of your play, so consider layering with hoodies, vests, and sweaters.
  • Bring gloves or mittens: While winter gloves will seriously hinder your game, bring a pair anyway to keep your hands warm between swings.
  • Move the tee forward: Since the ball won’t travel as far during the winter, you might wish to move up a tee box.
  • Walk to stay warm: Instead of moving around in the golf cart, consider walking to the next tee to keep warm.
  • Think outside the box: Winter conditions aren’t ideal for golf, but this affords a chance to improve your skills. Think creatively of ways to make shots and wow other golfers come spring.

Golf Driving Range Tips and More at Tappan Golf Center

With these tips, you’ll be prepared for a successful time at the driving range no matter the season. Now all that’s left is to find the right course. Located in Tappan, New York, the Tappan Golf Center driving range is open all year round and features many amenities, such as weather-protected hitting bays and range markers. Contact us today to learn more about Tappan Golf Center and promotions for golfers.